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Ministry of National Food Security and Research


All Provincial Departments of Livestock and Dairy Development
Livestock Departments of AJK, GB and ICT
Livestock and Dairy Development Board (LDDB) Islamabad


Rs. 2385.139


The overall project Calf Feedlot Fattening objectives are to increase the quality meat production for local consumption as well as for export purpose. This program mainly focused on providing incentives to the farming community to vertically expand the national production of meat by adopting the appropriate production and health technologies at farm level. This project is specially aimed to fatten the male cow and buffalo to increase value added quality meat production on cost effective basis for inland consumption and for export.
Sectoral Objectives The Livestock sector occupies a unique position in the economic development of the country. The sector provides net source of foreign earnings, food security, cash income on daily basis, a source of employment generation at rural level, helping to reduce income variability due to crop failure due to any reason. It is central to the livelihood of the rural poor in the country and play an important role in poverty alleviation derives and socioeconomic uplift of our rural masses.
Specific Objectives of the ProjectTo increase the Quantity meat production for domestics as well as export purpose and development the feedlot as industry in the country.

  • Registration of 46446 calves and 49150 kids/lambs
  • Mobilization of the farming community to participate in project activities (Calf /Lamb Feedlot Fattening) by advertisement / Media campaign.
  • Training of 10131 farmers.
  • Develop M&E Strategy and Plan for PMI projects. Monitoring officers at LDDB conducted field based monitoring visits to monitor Fattened calves at 25 selected districts of Punjab, KP, ICT and AJK.
  • Development of feedlot fattening as commercial business
  • Availability of Quality and Quantity of meat in the country.
  • Generation of employment during the project after the project.
  • Availability of meat for export.
  • By achieving the total target of calf fattening the 375,000 calves will add more than 15 million kilograms of quality beef produced during in 4 years in Pakistan. The total costing of increased beef production costing 7.5 Billion PKR.
  • By achieving the total target of kid/lamb fattening the 320,000 kid/lamb will add more than 1.76 million kilograms of quality mutton produced during in 4 years in Pakistan. The total costing of increased mutton production costing 1.76 Billion PKR.


Date of approval with Forum (ECNEC) 29-8-2019
Original date Revised Date, if any All subsequent Revisions if any
04-07-2019 CDWP NIL NIL
Financial Arrangement Federal 20%
Provincial 80%
Donor (if any)along with a share of foreign aid in the cost NIL
Actual Date of Commencement July 2019
Completion Date (as per PC-I) June 2023
Likely Completion Date June 2023
Reason of Time and Cost Overrun N/A
Specific decision/ recommendation made during previous quarterly reviews of PSDP 2019-20 The forum stressed upon M/o NFS & R to address issue of marketing and value chain to ensure adequate price of the product and also prepare plan for sustainable fattening instead of subsidies based.
PMES system updated on (please specify date) Physical/Financial Progress updated up to 31st December 2020.
Financial progress
a) Expenditure up to June 2020 84.509 ( As per transfer PSDP Grant)
b) %age Financial progress to-Date 99 % (As per release)
Physical completion (in %age terms) 79 % (as per registration 2020-21 up Dec 20)
Allocation 2020-21 Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
130.00 Million Nil
Releases 2020-21 Rupee Foreign Loan(if any)
74.492 Million Nil
Expenditure/Utilization 2020-21 (July-Sept 2020) Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
73.905 Million Nil
Bottlenecks/Issues impeding progress on the project (if any) Delay in transfer of Funds Federal to Provinces /regions through State Bank procedure. Due to delay in opening of ID/Account in ICT Beneficiaries.
Latest implementation status of the decision/recommendation LDDB has engaged a consultant and developed techno economic feasibilities and viable business model for small to medium scale feedlot fattening for calf and sheep/goat. The consultant work will be a headway to develop plan for sustainable business models for feedlot fattening. To propagate the viable business models in feedlot fattening, LDDB has Conducted 05 days Training of trainer’s workshop on business models of commercial calf rearing and feedlot fattening for project officials of provincial livestock departments at University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. 32 senior officials of the departments trained to commence further trainings to the farmers at their respective fields.