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All Pakistan


Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Islamabad
Governments of the Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan


Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB) through:
Agriculture Department, Government of the Punjab
Agriculture, Supply and Prices Department Government of Sindh
Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries& Cooperative Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Agriculture and Cooperative Department Government of Baluchistan
Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC), Islamabad


Rs. 10963.883


  • To boost the adoption of oilseed crops by utilizing the area to be vacated from productivity enhancement programs of major crops (Wheat, Rice and Sugarcane).
  • Increase yield of three potential crops viz Canola, Sunflower and Sesame.
  • To make oilseed crops comparable with cash crops.
  • Enhance the export potential of a Sesame seed.
  • Encourage oilseed growers through subsidy on seed, inputs & machinery and appreciation awards.
  • To provide improved production technology of oilseed crops through aggressive extension services, demonstration, training, mega and mini farmer gathering.
  • Ensure the availability of quality sowing seed through national and multinational seed companies.
  • National hybrid seed multiplication and varietal development for sustainable production of oilseeds in the country.
  • Promotion of mechanization for oilseed crops to minimize post harvest losses.
  • Popularize use of agriculture machinery for achieving optimum yield.
  • Mass awareness campaigns through print and electronic media for the adoption of oilseed crops.
  • To encourage the solvent industry to procure farmers produces at competitive prices and establish a procurement centre in major growing areas.
  • Canola subsidy so far provided for 37,314 acres against total targets of 412,150 acres.
  • Sunflower subsidy so far provided for 46,571 acres against total targets of 801,349 acres.
  • Sesame subsidy so far provided for 32,240 acres against total targets of 440,500 acres.
  • Demo plots: 114 Nos. arranged against target 887
  • Mega Farmer gatherings: 28 Nos against 545
  • Overall project intervention will help in saving foreign exchange of US$ 584 million through edible oil/ meal production and Sesame export.
  • The project will be implemented in all potential areas for oilseed crops. Thus, it will have a positive impact on employment generation in rural areas and additional income to participating to growers.


Date of approval with Forum
Original date Revised Date, if any All subsequent Revisions if any
28-08-2019 (ECNEC) N/A N/A
Financial Arrangement Federal PSDP and Provincial ADPs
Donor (if any)along with a share of foreign aid in the cost N/A
Actual Date of Commencement 23-09-2019
Completion Date (as per PC-I) 30-06-2024
Likely Completion Date 30-06-2024
Reason of Time and Cost Overrun N/A
Specific decision/ recommendation made during previous quarterly reviews of PSDP 2019-20 NIL
PMES system updated on (please specify date) 01/05/2021
Financial progress
a) Expenditure up to June 2020 139.725
b) %age Financial progress to-Date 51% (on the basis allocation)
Physical completion (in %age terms) 15% against total targets
Allocation 2020-21 Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
350 Nil
Releases 2020-21 Rupee Foreign Loan(if any)
114.5 Nil
Expenditure/Utilization 2020-21 (July-Sept 2020) Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
111 Nil
Bottlenecks/Issues impeding progress on the project (if any) E-vouchers system of subsidy established in Punjab Province however, other three provinces have not yet adopted this system. Sindh Province has still not come up with start activities.
Latest implementation status of the decision/recommendation NIL