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Barani Areas of all Four Provinces including Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K) and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)


Government of Pakistan through Ministry of National Food Security & Research, Islamabad and respective Provincial Governments


M/o NFS&R through Federal Project Management Unit (FPMU). All Provincial Departments of Agriculture (Provincial Directorates of OFWM) and respective departments of AJ&K, GB, ICT & PARC. Farmers Organizations/ Water Users Associations (WUAs).


Rs. 25,345.672 million



  • Construction of 2,664 farm ponds for storing rainwater from various sources
  • Installation of 2,664 solar pumping systems on farm ponds for operation of high efficiency irrigation systems
  • Development of 4,156 dug wells for developing of water source to promote irrigated agriculture
  • Installation of 4,156 solar pumping systems at dug wells for operation of high efficiency irrigation systems
  • Development/ improvement of 2,432 watercourses carrying water from various sources for enhancing water conveyance efficiency at farm level
  • Provision of 1,120 LASER land levellers to the farmers/ service providers. Rough Land Levelling will also be done on 34,000 acres in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • Provision of fruit plants, oilseeds/ pulses crops & fodder/ forage/ range on 45,518, 112,189 and 81,676 acres, respectively, in command area of small/ mini dams to ensure irrigated agriculture
  • Improved Land and Water Productivity
  • Poverty Reduction through Employment Generation
  • Increase Area under crops and sufficiency in food
  • Enhance crop productivity through developing land and water resources using modern irrigation methods/ techniques
  • Improved Economic Condition of Barani Area farmers
  • Build capacity of farmers to adjust with changing environment and for practicing resource efficient and profitable irrigated agriculture
  • Promote cultivation of high value cash crops using efficient irrigation systems and agricultural practices for enhancing water productivity to cope with the effects of climate change
  • About 42,180 AF runoff water is saved and available for irrigation in barani areas
  • One dug well can command about 2 acres of land, with improved water availability, more than 8,000 acres can be brought under cultivation
  • About 39,178 kW of energy available at the farm besides bringing more than 177,192 acres of barani land under irrigation
    Bring 45,518 acres under fruit trees; oilseed/pulses crops planted on 112,189 acres and 81,676 acres under better fodder/forage/rangeland for livestock
  • More income to the farmers besides improving socio-economic conditions of barani area farmers
  • It is expected that more than 5,000 persons will be directly engaged as operators and helpers in the operation of LASER units. Moreover, employment opportunities of about 5.4 million man-days will become available for skilled and unskilled labor during the execution of project activities including watercourse improvement, manufacturing of PCPS etc. Improvement in crop yields will also boost economic activity in rural areas of the province that will create further employment options.


Date of approval with Forum
Original date Revised Date, if any All subsequent Revisions if any
26th March, 2020 (ECNEC) N/A N/A
Financial Arrangement GoP Share Rs. 9,358.533 million
Prov. Govt. Share Rs. 10,377.274 million
Farmers’ Share Rs. 5,609.685million
Donor (if any)along with a share of foreign aid in the cost N/A
Actual Date of Commencement 23rd April,2020 (Admin Approval)
Completion Date (as per PC-I) 30th June 2024 (Extendable)
Likely Completion Date 30th June 2024
Reason of Time and Cost Overrun N/A
Specific decision/ recommendation made during previous quarterly reviews of PSDP 2019-20 Monthly progress will be regularly updated in PMES of the M/o PD&SI by 25th of each month.
Baseline of each project (percentage progress physical and financial) will be indicated by 1st July, 2020 and quartly targets will be indicated on PMES by each PD by 15th October, 2020.
PMES system updated on (please specify date) 18-01-2021
Financial progress
a) Expenditure up to June 2020 224.2 Million
b) %age Financial progress to-Date 66 % of the released amount
Physical completion (in %age terms) Nil
Allocation 2020-21 Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
1,000.00 million Nil
Releases 2020-21 Rupee Foreign Loan(if any)
339.6 Million Nil
Expenditure/Utilization 2020-21 (July-Sept 2020) Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
224.2 million Nil
Bottlenecks/Issues impeding progress on the project (if any)
  • Late approval of the project by ECNEC and Admin Approval
  • Release of the federal government share is linked with release of matching ADP grant by the provincial
  • Delayed release of matching grants by the provincial governments
  • Delay in recruitment of project staff due to procedural formalities and COVID-19
  • Delay in procurements due to COVID-19 and completion of procedural formalities
Latest implementation status of the decision/recommendation Complied with