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Livestock and Dairy Development Board Gate No -02 Near NVL NARC, Park Road Islamabad


Ministry of National Food Security and Research


Provincial Departments of Livestock and Dairy Development of Punjab and KP
Livestock Departments of AJK, GB and ICT
Livestock and Dairy Development Board (LDDB) Islamabad.


Rs. 3401.699


The overall objective of this project is to increase the production of high quality beef in the country by saving 380,000 male calves in the country during the next four years. These calves will be saved up to the age of 3 months and attain an average body weight of 65-70 kg per calf.
The specific objectives of this project include:

  • To provide a foundation of healthy young calves in the country for subsequent back-grounding and feedlot fattening.
  • To save the young calf from early slaughtering to enhance meat production and profitability of the livestock farmers
  • The motivation of farmers (incentive) to reduce the mortality in young calves due to diseases and malnutrition
  • Capacity building of farmers and field staff for successful calf rearing.

Quantitative project objectives are to achieve:

  • Mobilization through capacity building of more than 50,000 small and medium sized livestock farmers to save the young calves.
  • To provide a foundation of 380,000 healthy young calves (3-4 months old) in the country for subsequent feedlot fattening.
  • Training of 50,000 livestock farmers for successful calf rearing along with the encouragement of good animal husbandry practices.
  • 26841 calves registered and regular support being provided by departments in tagging, vaccination, deworming and nutrition plan to farmers
  • Preparation of techno economic feasibility and project broachers to guide field staff and farmers on Sops and business models.
  • Publish Pakistan feedstuff database to help farmers in feed formulations
  • Conducted Two days’ national review and planning workshop with all departments and project partners to develop annual works and cash plan
  • Conducted 05 days Training of trainers workshop on business models of commercial calf rearing and feedlot fattening for project officials of provincial livestock departments at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. 32 senior officials of the departments trained to commence further training to the farmers at their respective fields.
  • Conducted Onsite consultancy and training Program for farmers by all livestock departments.12563 farmers trained.
  • Develop M&E Strategy and Plan for PMI projects. Monitoring officers at LDDB conducted field based monitoring visits to monitor saved and mature calves at 25 selected districts of Punjab, KP, ICT and AJK.
  • Develop Media strategy for PMI projects and initiate implementations at PMU and field level.
  • Conducted a national workshop for genetic improvement of livestock breeds for milk and meat at NARC, Islamabad. More than 70 senior public officers, scientists and private sector stakeholders attended the workshop and develop a consensus on the scope of the national program for breed improvement.
  • Preparation of progress reports and submission to the M/o NFS&R and other concerned quarters.
  • The 32,000 healthy young calves savedIf grown for the next 8-10 months to achieve bodyweight of around 150 kg will act as a foundation base for premium quality beef production. It will add more than 560,000 kilograms of beef in calf savings and 1.28 million kg of additional quality beef in backgrounding produced annually in the country. The total costing of increased beef production costing 920 Million PKR.
  • By achieving the total target of saving 380,000 young calves will act as a foundation base for feedlot fattening and add more than 6.65 million kilograms of quality beef in calf rearing and 15.2 million kg additional quality beef produced during in 4 years in Pakistan. The total costing of increased beef production costing 10.91 Billion PKR.
  • Poverty reduction through the generation of calf rearing business opportunities


Date of approval with Forum
Original date Revised Date, if any All subsequent Revisions if any
29-08-2019 ECNEC N/A N/A
Financial Arrangement Federal20%
Provincial 80%
Donor (if any)along with a share of foreign aid in the cost N/A
Actual Date of Commencement July 2019 as per PC-1
Completion Date (as per PC-I) June 2023
Likely Completion Date June 2023
Reason of Time and Cost Overrun N/A
Specific decision/ recommendation made during previous quarterly reviews of PSDP 2019-20 NIL
PMES system updated on (please specify date)  Physical & Financial Progress updated up to 31st December 2020
Financial progress
a) Expenditure up to June 2020 144.659
b) %age Financial progress to-Date  91% (For year 2020-21 as per release)
Physical completion (in %age terms) 82% as per registration up to Dec-2020
Allocation 2020-21 Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
Rs. 200.00 Million Nil
Releases 2020-21 Rupee Foreign Loan(if any)
105.752 Nil
Expenditure/Utilization 2020-21 (July-Sept 2020) Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
 95.975 Nil
Bottlenecks/Issues impeding progress on the project (if any) Cost share matching of provincial ADPs to PSDP shall be 20:80 but in save the calf project, Punjab cost share remain 42:58 during FY 2019-20. Cost share matching of KP province also remain behind the required ration. This unmatched cost share created significant liabilities for FY 2020-21 allocated ADPs. It may significantly compromise the physical targets for Punjab and KP in year 2.
Latest implementation status of the decision/recommendation NIL