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Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Islamabad; Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission; Agriculture Departments, Govt. of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Baluchistan, Sindh.


Ministry of National Food Security and Research.
Forest, Wildlife & Fisheries Department, Govt. of Punjab.
Livestock and Fisheries Department, Govt. of Sindh.
Department of Coastal Development and Fisheries, Govt. of Baluchistan.


M/o NFS&R through PSDP


Rs. 1437.358 millions


The scope of the project is to increase national average pulses (Chickpea, lentil, mungbean, mash bean and common bean) yield by 30% through reducing yield gaps, increasing crop area, productivity enhancement through multifarious activities.

  • To enhance pulses production through input subsidy and mechanization.
  • To develop pulses seed system for sustainable production.
  • To develop contractual pulses production and procurement mechanism for import substitution.
  • To demonstrate improved pulses production packages for promotion and training.
  • To Share information on new knowledge and technology by using print & electronic media.

Technical Progress:

  • Germplasm acquisition and evaluation 2016 Accessions.
  • National Uniform Yield Trials (08 Nos) at 19 locations across the country for variety development.
  • BN, Pre-basic and basic Seed production at 338 Acres.
  • Production technology trials (80) conducted for Rabi and Kharif pulses across the country focusing on climate change scenario.
  • D-plots on farm/farmers’ fields through Agri. Research and AED (227) for demonstration of improved technologies.
  • Conducted (25) Field days/ seminars/workshops
  • Common Bean Hybridization (KP) 06 for common bean variety development.
  • Advanced lines yield trials (23) conducted
  • Generation advancement (70) processed for early generation seed advancement.
  • Pulses Seed Distribution (515 tons) @50% cost sharing sufficient for 15638 Acres (Rabi and Kharif pulses).

Financial Progress:

  • • Supply order for procurement of Research equipment Machinery/field implements worth Rs. 9.581 million.
  • • Case for Procurement of Seed from Punjab Seed Corporation by sub-component “AED, Baluchistan” with a cost of Rs.1.638 million for distribution on a 50% subsidy basis, is under process.
  • • Supply Order Issued for the supply of One-Pass Cultivation Machinery/ implements costing Rs. 40.209 million.
  • • Portable Solar Irrigation Systems (PSIS) Qty 07-Nos., have been delivered to the farmers on a 50% cost sharing basis, payment (Rs. 3.4 Million) to vendor.
  • • Civil work through PARC works at NIFA and Bhakkar costing Rs. 2.999 million is almost at the completion stage.
  • • Civil Works for “Intelligent Greenhouse” for speed breeding at NARC costing Rs.60 million in progress.
  • • Travelling seminar for Kharif pulses conducted involving stakeholders in two provinces (Punjab and KP) from 1st to 7th September.
  • • Tender for supply/manufacturing of 688 pulses machinery items with an estimated cost of Rs.80.00 million for four provincial AED, Components on 50% cost sharing basis have been finalized after a competition among the already prequalified firms/manufacturers on 28.01.2021.
  • • Procurement of remaining Seed costing Rs.11.192 million is underway by AED sub-components i.e., (Punjab, KP, Balochistan& Sindh) to be distributed on 50% cost sharing basis and for area expansion.

Self-sufficiency in Pulses through increase in national average pulses (Chickpea, Lentil, Mungbean, Mashbean and Common bean) yield by 30%, and profitability through diverse activities.


Date of approval with Forum
Original date Revised Date, if any All subsequent Revisions if any
19-11-2019 N/A N/A
Financial Arrangement Federal, Rs. 1437.358 millions
Donor (if any)along with a share of foreign aid in the cost N/A
Actual Date of Commencement 26-12-19
Completion Date (as per PC-I) 30-06-24
Likely Completion Date 30-06-24
Reason of Time and Cost Overrun N/A
Specific decision/ recommendation made during previous quarterly reviews of PSDP 2019-20 Formulation of National Policy Framework on Pulses
PMES system updated on (please specify date) 04-01-2021
Financial progress
a) Expenditure up to June 2020 R.s 46.856 million
b) %age Financial progress to-Date 5.83%
Physical completion (in %age terms) 30%
Allocation 2020-21 Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
Rs. 300 million Nil
Releases 2020-21 Rupee Foreign Loan(if any)
Rs. 150 million Nil
Expenditure/Utilization 2020-21 (July-Sept 2020) Rupee Foreign loan(if any)
Rs. 37.05 million Nil
Bottlenecks/Issues impeding progress on the project (if any)
  • Non-existence of pulses buyback mechanism and indicative price announcement for ensuring market stability and pulses value chain in the country.
  • Weak Pulses Early Generation Seed advancement system in country
  • Non-existence of public sector Seed Corporation in Balochistan.
  • Law in order situation in Balochistan.
Latest implementation status of the decision/recommendation Draft submitted to MNFSR and also shared with stakeholders for finalization/inputs.
S.# Details Cost
A. Establishment Expenditures in Pipeline (Feb-21 to Jun-21) 7.882
B. Operational Expenditures
(Tenders Cases/Supply Orders Issued, Work in Progress etc.):
1 One-Pass Cultivation Machinery/ implements (Supply Order Issued). 40.21
2 Civil Work for sub-component “NIFA Peshawar”(60% job completed). 7.73
3 Civil Work for sub-component “Bhakkar”(Job completed final bill under process). 1.241
4 The case for Proc. of Seed by “AED, Baluchistan” under process. 1.638
5 Research equipment Machinery/field implements (Final Delivery under process). 7.241
6 Supply of pulses machinery (688 Machines on 50% cost-sharing) underway 80.00
7 The case for procurement of project vehicles(Resubmitted to the M/o NFS&R) 12.67
8 (a) Construction of Intelligent Greenhouse (Tender process in final stages) 32.1
8 (b) Import of Equipment’s for Intelligent Greenhouse (Tender process in final stages) 27.9
9. Portable Solar Irrigation Systems (PSIS) Qty 13-Nos(Supply orders under process) 7.248
10. Seed distribution on 50% cost sharing basis by AED (Selection of farmers underway) 18.403
11 Travelling seminar of stakeholders for Rabi Pulses.(Scheduled in March) 1.50
12 Civil Work at ARS, Karak(Case referred to Steering Committee for approval of modification). 4.00
13 Civil Work at Mastung Station (Case referred to Steering Committee for approval). 3.43
14 Column 2 Value 17 28.875
Overall Financial outlook (Till Date Expenditure + Floated & Yet to be Floated Tenders/Cases etc.) 319.433