Economic Wing

Economic Consultant: Dr. Muhammad Ali Talpur
Headquarter: Islamabad


Economic Wing is responsible for collection, compilation and dissemination of agricultural statistics at national and international level. The Wing collects crops area, production and other agricultural statistics from Federal and Provincial Governments, FBS and other department/agencies. This data is compiled, computerized and disseminated in the form of publications. The district wise estimates of major and minor crops including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruit vegetables and condiments are collected, compiled and published by Economic Wing. This Wing provides M/o National Food Security & Research timely and relevant economic and policy support.


•  Agricultural Statistics of Pakistan
This publication includes area, production, yield, inputs, credit, trade and other misc. information.

•  Crops Area Production (by districts).
This book contains area & Production of all major/minor crops district wise.

•  Fruit, Vegetables and Condiments Statistics of Pakistan.
This book contains Province wise data on area production, wholesale prices and import-export of Fruit, Vegetables and Condiments.

•  Year Book of M/o National Food Security & Research.
This book contains details of activities and achievements of M/o National Food Security & Research, its attach departments and autonomous bodies .


  • Economic Wing collects data from Provincial Governments and with the concurrence of FBS and after compilation releases estimates of about 54 (fifty four) major and minor crops in the form of resolutions/ notifications to Federal, Provincial Governments, departments/ autonomous bodies. The information is also provided to private sector and National and International agencies.


  • Weekly review on National/International prices of agricultural commodities and prepares briefs on these reviews for ECC meetings.
  • Information on agriculture sector is provided to FAO on their questionnaires
  • Briefs for meetings of Annual Plan Coordination Committee (APCC), National Statistics Council (NSC), and National Accounts Committee (NAC) are prepared.
  • Provides requisite data to Prime Minister’s and President’s Secretariats.
  • Make different presentations for the Prime Minister’s Committee on Prices.
  • Replies of various National Assembly/ Senate questions.


  • Economic Wing monitors disbursement of agricultural credit (by ZTBL, PPCBL, Commercial Banks and Domestic Private Banks) on monthly basis to ensure timely release of agricultural credit to farming community. Economic Wing arranges meetings of “Agricultural Credit Review Committee” under the Chairmanship of Minister / Secretary to review disbursement, availability of credit and bottlenecks involved in it.


  • Coordinate and conduct meetings on the availability of credit to the farming community.
  • Dealing with Corporate Agriculture Farming issues.
  • Briefs for the meeting of Agricultural Credit Advisory committee (ACAC) are prepared.
  • Briefs for the meeting of National Credit Consultative Council (NCCC) are prepared.
  • Briefs for the meeting of Board of Directors of ZTBL are prepared.
  • Briefs on agricultural credit requirements, allocation and disbursement are prepared.
  • Working paper on agricultural credit for Federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA) are prepared.
  • Coordinates with the Finance Division in connection with revision of the value of Produced Index Units (PIU).
  • Processing of complaints of farming community relating to agricultural credit.


  • Prepare briefs for head of delegation attending International Conferences/ Seminars/ Meetings etc.
  • Prepare country statements/ position papers for SAARC, OIC & FAO Conferences/ Sessions.


  • Invite suggestions/ proposals from different Wings, attached Departments, Autonomous Bodies of M/o National Food Security & Research and other relevant agencies/ stakeholders.
  • The proposals are examined and consolidated for onward transmission to Commerce Division for consideration/ inclusion in the Annual Trade Policy announced by the Commerce Division.


  • Prepare briefs for Joint Ministerial Commission (JMC) Meetings held from time to time for Secretary and Minister, M/o National Food Security & Research on bilateral trade including imports and exports of agricultural products and future collaboration with different countries in the field of agriculture.


  • Prepare and examine project proposals relating to agriculture sector of economy.
  • Coordinate all administrative matters of Economic Wing.