Syed Fakhar Imam

Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research

M. Ameer Sultan

Parliamentary Secretary for National Food Security and Research

Ghufran Memon

Federal Secretary for National Food Security and Research


Pakistan has made significant progress in food production over the last several decades. However, food security is still a key challenge due to high population growth, rapid urbanization, low purchasing power, high price fluctuations, erratic food production, and inefficient food distribution systems. According to the Food Security Assessment Survey (FSA), 2016, 18% of the population in Pakistan is undernourished. National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) reported a high level of severe stunting (45%), wasting (15%), and underweight (30%). The malnourishment problems are high in rural areas (46%) and in certain regions like FATA (58%), GB (51%), and Baluchistan (52%). Similarly, around half of the population is consuming less than the dietary requirement of Vitamin-A and Iron. Food insecurity in Pakistan is primarily attributable to the limited economic access of the poorest and most vulnerable to food.

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